Terms and Conditions


BookOutSA’s purpose

The purpose of BookOutSA is to be a platform for South African students to sell their old or unwanted textbooks or to buy second-hand textbooks that they need for their studies for prices lower than the first-hand retail price. Users are able to browse through the book listings to find textbooks they need and want to buy and also allows them to register in order to post their old or unwanted textbooks on the website to find potential buyers.

BookOutSA is not responsible for the validity of any information posted by users. The users of the site are fully and solely responsible for the advertisements that they place on BookOutSA and BookOutSA does not take any responsibility for the actual handover process between buyer and seller and will not be accountable for any unlawful actions incurred between the buyer and seller.



BookOutSA is not responsible for any damage, claim or loss arising from any actions relating to:

  • Any book listings that include copyrighted or plagiarized material
  • Any errors in the posting of the advertisement
  • Any threatening of users, as well as, use of vulgar or abusive language

Therefore, all users agree not to:

  • Collect or harvest information of other users, including email addresses and other personal details
  • Interfere with the experience of other users to effectively use BookOutSA
  • Infringe on any intellectual property or proprietary rights of another person
  • Copy, modify or distribute any other user’s advertisement or posted information
  • Distribute any viruses that can cause harm to the users of BookOutSA or the site itself
  • Falsify information
  • Violate any laws
  • Invade another users/any other person’s privacy or publicity rights, including the disclosure of personal information, whilst allowing for BookOutSA to be exposed to liability
  • Threaten anybody
  • Infringe on third-party rights
  • Post abusive or harmful content

By using BookOutSA, you have agreed to the above points, and the points that follow, and also understand that your postings and advertisements need to coincide with the laws of South Africa and need to be accurate and up-to-date.


Use restrictions

Information that is posted or found on BookOutSA can be shared, distributed and copied if credit is given to the initial author of that information. Also, all users, by using this website, warrant that they are the sole and exclusive owner of the books posted for sale and indemnifies and holds BookOutSA harmless should this be false and a claim be made by the lawful owner/s.


Consent and Warranties

All information listed by users and contained in their advertisements are accurate, correct and not deceptive, and will be up-to-date and in-accordance with the Terms and Conditions at all times.


The obligations and rights of BookOutSA

  • BookOutSA reserves the right to consider and evaluate any listing or advertisement to determine if it is compliant to the terms and conditions and can record the findings of these activities with no obligation to report to the user. When doing so, BookOutSA do not need to give notice to the user about this evaluation.
  • BookOutSA reserves the right to alter or add any information on a listing in order to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • BookOutSA reserves the right to remove or refuse any advertisements without any notice and reasoning.



BookOutSA reserves the right to make any changes to the prices mentioned above, without any notice, and any expired ad’s will then be reposted at the new price.


Changes to the terms and conditions

Any changes made by the BookOutSA team, to the website or these terms and conditions, will be communicated with all registered users via their email addresses which they provided, as well as on the website itself.

Any complaints or issues that you feel you would like to contact us about, can be done through email to one of the addresses provided on the contact us page.


Any users that do not comply with the above terms and conditions will be denied use of BookOutSA until further notice by the BookOutSA team.

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